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Meet Rachel Green

Get cracking with Rachel and our Great British Fairburn’s Eggs… Nutritious and Delicious!

A farmer’s daughter from Lincolnshire, Rachel’s family have been farming in the county for 14 generations. “Food production is in my blood,” she says, “I grew up helping to collect eggs, lamb the ewes, and vine the peas.”

“It means I have a huge respect for producers and I know just how much hard work has gone into their product! Added to this, we have a great family heritage of cooking. My mother’s quince jelly and trifle is sought after the length and breadth of Britain!”

Using Fairburn’s fresh Lincolnshire Free Range Eggs, Rachel has been putting her culinary expertise to the test and has created us all some egg-ceedingly scrumptious recipe ideas. These recipes are sure to make your taste buds dance!