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Breakfast Recipes

Rise & Shine for Eggy Time!

There is nothing more satisfying for breakfast than eating nutrient rich eggs! L J Fairburn and Son is encouraging everyone to get cracking with eggs in the morning. Shell egg consumption has risen by nearly 20% over the last seven years * and the popularity continues.

Eggs now make an appearance in 8%* of breakfasts around the UK and this trend continues to grow as people learn about the incredible health benefits of eggs. Eggs are jam packed with essential vitamins, protein and minerals – perfect for kick starting the metabolism after a long nights sleep. Poached and scrambled eggs are growing the fastest year on year but fried eggs remain the UK favourite!

Fairburn’s have been working with celebrity chef Rachel Green to develop a selection of delicious breakfast recipe ideas using fresh free range eggs. Feast your eyes on these tantalising creations…

*Eggs now make an appearance in 8% of breakfasts around the UK: research by The Grocer.

Try some of our yummy breakfast recipes…