LJ fairburn Poultry


L J Fairburn & Son Limited produce 50% of the eggs they sell. The remaining 50% come from their loyal, hard working producers. Every Fairburn farm is approved by the Lion Code. All Barn, Free Range and Organic eggs are produced on farms approved by RSPCA Assured, inspected to strict RSPCA legislation standards, ensuring exceptionally high animal welfare.

The British Lion mark on all Fairburn’s eggs means that they have been produced by hens vaccinated against salmonella and that the eggs have been produced to the highest standards of food safety.

Suppliers of Woodland Free Range eggs, Fairburn’s are also keen supporters of the Woodland Trust. To date, they have planted over 7,000 trees to complement existing woodland and help to fund tree planting projects in the UK.

All of Fairburn eggs are graded through fully automated modern packing facilities, ensuring the highest standards of food hygiene and safety. The business has also invested in a Ovotrack full traceability system. This provides the most comprehensive and advanced traceability technology and enables the business to ensure a total traceability footprint direct from farm to the family fridge.


Organic eggs come from hens with additional space and freedom to explore woodland, or an area where trees have been planted to enrich the range. Special shelters protect them from the natural elements of the landscape. They are given an organic GM free diet on a range that is free from pesticides and fertilisers, reducing its impact on the environment. They are approved by RSPCA Assured, Lion and the Organic Food Federation.


Free Range eggs come from hens that are free to wander in pastures and woodland or other landscapes during daylight hours on RSPCA Assured and Lion approved farms. The birds enjoy the natural environment, exploring the range for insects and dust bathing to clean their feathers. Shelters are provided to offer shade on hot sunny days or shelter from the elements. The state of the art multi-tier housing offers birds the opportunity to explore indoors too, keeping them fit and healthy. The tiers allow them to climb and roost, as well as encourage them to drink and eat from clean water and feed sources.


Barn eggs come from RSPCA Assured and Lion approved hens that have space to roam the barn. The birds interact with each other and have perches on which to roost, as well as plenty of room to stretch their wings and wander freely. Nesting boxes provide a quiet place for egg-laying and there is floor litter for scratching and dust bathing in. The multi-tier barns provide additional levels above ground for the hens to explore and roost.


Colony eggs are approved by the British Lion code. They come from hens that have recently, due to new welfare regulations, had significant investment in the systems they are housed in. The hen houses include more space per bird, a private nest box to lay eggs in, scratching region and special perching areas. Furthermore, all colony houses are naturally ventilated.