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HEAL'S Shropshire Free Range Eggs

Heal Farms, based near Shawbury in Shropshire, is a family farm producing eggs. Heritage and tradition remain central but the family are always looking at new ideas, technology and innovations to take the business forward for future generations.

The Heal family started producing eggs in 1952, when Roger and Vera Heal purchased a 3 acre site and filled it with wooden chicken coops housing 400 birds. Today the business is run by Roger and Vera’s son Tony, with the support of his wife Helen and their two daughters are already showing a keen interest in egg production. The farm has progressed and expanded. It now has 200,000 free range layers as well as 64,000 rearing birds. It produces 275,000 eggs every day and 100 million eggs each year.

The opportunity to launch the Heal’s branded product with the help of LJ Fairburn & Son is an exciting venture for these two farming families who share similar values, work ethics and loyalties. Both families strive to do the best job they can, working towards a sustainable future for the next family generation.

The free range eggs are produced on-site at Heal Farms in Shropshire. Fairburn’s will be offering the state of the art packing technology to grade the eggs and select only the very best quality produce to go into the packs for for consumers to enjoy across Shropshire.

When customers select a box of Heal’s Shropshire Free Range Eggs from ASDA shelves, they can be confident that they are investing in a quality product from a local family farm, where hens are cared for and nurtured with the highest welfare standards.


6 Medium
6 Large
12 Medium
12 Large
6 Mixed Weight
15 Mixed Weight