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BRITISH BLUE® Free Range Eggs

Our spectacular pastel blue shell egg has launched and it’s sensational! The new, all-British egg has been created, developed, and produced on-site at L J Fairburn & Son. With a vibrant golden yolk and rich luxurious taste, the egg has been acclaimed the ‘perfect egg’ since achieving a Great Taste Award in 2017.

The British Blue® hen is bespoke with 100% British origin, hatched, hand reared, and housed in higher welfare Free Range housing all on Lincolnshire soil.

The British Blue® hen, created and developed by Fairburn’s, is fed on a bespoke natural diet, milled on-site and developed after 2 years of rigorous taste tests. The feed consists of a grain mix with extracts from brightly coloured flowers which delivers a superbly rich tasting natural golden yolk.

The British Blue® Egg has already hit retail shelves in supermarket chains as Aldi's Specially Selected and Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference premium own label egg ranges. Fairburn’s own branded, Great Taste product is now available in most Costco stores and Lincolnshire Co-Op. This award-winning egg adds a new line to the Fairburn family’s portfolio and fills a gap in the speciality market by offering retailers an egg with true provenance and taste differentiation.


“Absolutely delicious, rich and creamy yolk with bags of flavour”


“Can’t really say much more but a perfect egg for us”


“A truly perfect egg. How lovely to be reminded of simple perfection. We guess these hens have a fun life!”



6 Mixed Weight

10 Mixed Weight

15 Mixed Weight

Catering Pack, 60 Mixed Weight