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Award win for our poultry ‘B&B’ partnership helping fellow farmers

Jul 17, 2023

We have won a leading award for our industry-first poultry ‘bed and breakfast’ partnership giving egg producers a much needed helping hand.
The egg sector has faced a triple whammy of rising energy and feed costs, plus Avian Influenza (AI), and our innovative package ensures farmers receive a guaranteed return on their investment. We pay them to raise flocks on our behalf, supplying them with young hens and feed. And last week we were presented with the Innovation of the Year award at the National Egg and Poultry Awards for the partnership as a plaudit by industry peers.
Daniel Fairburn, CEO of Fairburn’s Eggs who received the award, said: “We launched our ‘bed and breakfast’ partnership last winter and it’s already proving popular with fellow egg producers.”
“Everyone knows our industry has been going through a very tough time, and as farmers ourselves we felt this was the right way to provide reassurance for producers. We have pledged to pay loyal producers a fair fee for looking after birds to our welfare standards, taking away as many risks as we can of rising costs and insecurities in the market. A similar model has been working well in the pig sector, and we have developed ours to be bespoke for egg producers, so if you are a producer and think this could be for you, we’d love to hear from you.”
“We are really thrilled to win this award as it’s recognition by our industry that our ‘bed and breakfast’ partnership has provided a much-needed boost for the sector at a time when it needs it most. Shoppers always want to buy eggs and we want to take the jeopardy out of the process for fellow farmers producing those eggs. Winning is also incredibly rewarding for our team who have put so much effort into making the ‘bed and breakfast’ partnership such a success.”
As one of the UK’s largest independent producers and packers, we are a vertically integrated business and so have the expertise and infrastructure required to run a ‘bed and breakfast’ partnership. Our holistic field-to-fridge approach means we  rear our own birds; mill and develop feeds; produce, pack and deliver eggs, manage relationships with leading UK retailers, and have a wealth of experience that other producers will be able to tap into.
Agricultural consultant Martin Farley said: “The feedback I’m getting back from producers is the new ‘bed and breakfast’ partnership provides them with a regular weekly income and removes the risk that rising energy costs and AI could cause to their businesses.”
Our family firm is renowned for being a ‘breakout’ company in a relatively static and conservative farming sector. Over the past decade we have overcome financial challenges to become one of the largest egg producers and packers in the country, winning many awards and City plaudits along the way. Retailers welcome our hands-on, flexible, ‘can do’ attitude and one-stop-shop approach - complete control from day old chick to fridge. We continue to invest in new technology and high animal welfare standards, whilst always ensuring the business is sustainable for future generations of the Fairburn’s family.
Interested producers should get in touch with Daniel Fairburn on daniel@fairburnseggs.co.uk or John Holt, National Production Manager at Fairburn’s Eggs, on john@fairburnseggs.co.uk.

NEPA23_Winners_004 Left Patrick Monahan, centre Daniel Fairburn and Right Blake Williamson MG at Aviagen
Daniel Fairburn (centre) receives the Innovation of the Year Award from presenter Patrick Monahan (left) and Blake Williamson (right) of sponsor Aviagen.