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What foods are in season…January

Jan 1, 2023


Banish the January blues with these vitamin-kicking seasonal ingredients and eggy recipes...


The sharp-sour flavour of these large citrus fruits makes them a lovely accompaniment to winter slaws. Especially if you opt for the ones with pink or ruby flesh. Look for heavy (and therefore juicer) fruits, with plump skin. You can't beat a Grapefruit Curd on warm breakfast toast.


This root vegetable has pretty white skin, with blushes of pink or purple – but don't be deceived: it packs a peppery punch! Give smaller roots a good scrub rather than peeling and throw slices or chunks into a hash. And don't forget the tops – fresh turnip greens are also edible.

Smoked haddock

Haddock is the first choice for fish and chips in many places in the UK, and traditionally smoked haddock has an even finer flavour. Ensure you buy from sustainable sources and poach simply in milk to allow the flesh to flake into tasty chunks. Bring out the smokiness of this white fish in a fragrant Smoked Haddock Kedgeree.


Sweet potato

Bright orange sweet potatoes, called 'yams' in the tropics, are bursting with fibre and vitamins. Peel and use as you would standard potatoes by mashing, roasting or baking. They go brilliantly with eggs in a Bake and are an excellent foil for herbs and spices. We love Rachel Green's Harissa Roasted Sweet Potato Salad.

Harissa egg salad copy

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