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What foods are in season…November

Nov 1, 2022


Inject some colour into the dark days of winter with these vibrant seasonal ingredients...

Swiss Chard

Bright and beautiful Swiss chard offers a welcome gloss of green in November. And look out for 'Rainbow' varieties, which have yellow, red and pink stems. Store leaves in a plastic bag in the salad drawer, or blanch and freeze. They're a tasty substitute for spinach, and a match made in heaven for Lincolnshire eggs. Use them in an omelette, flan or a Chard and Egg bake – which makes an unusual breakfast.



Don't judge this veg by its looks. Although the plain brown skin of this root veg is not entirely enticing, the orange flesh can be lovely in a mash, with plenty of butter. Available from October to February, choose smaller specimens for the most sweetness and store them somewhere cool. We love this Swede Rosti with Poached Egg.


It may have a science-fiction-style appearance but this vegetable is actually related to the humble cabbage. Choose green or purple varieties and slice raw into salads or use in pickles. The flesh tastes something like a mash-up of cucumber and broccoli! It's also lovely shaved into pancakes and rostis.

fairburns clementine curd


These small, sweet tangerines herald the start of the festive citrus season in the UK. Go for heavier fruits as they'll contain more juice and store for up to a week. You could whip up your own zesty Curd or a warming winter bake such as this Boiled Clementine Cake.

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