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What foods are in season…October

Oct 19, 2022

The weather is getting colder – time for some warming autumn recipes...


Who doesn't love a pumpkin for Halloween? We often forget that many of these brightly coloured squashes also taste good. So, after you've carved your Jack o' Lantern, use the leftover flesh for spiced cakes or muffins. Or head to farmers' markets to choose even tastier varieties such as Crown Prince or mini 'Munchkin' for their nutty flavour. Freshly picked, with a bit of stalk left on, pumpkins can be stored for many weeks. Use them in a classic Pumpkin Pie.

Unripe hazlenuts


Also known as filberts or cobnuts in the UK, these mellow-tasting nuts can be foraged between September and October. But you'll need to let them dry out first before eating. Once the outer layer peels back from the nut, they're good to eat. Bags of shop-bought hazelnuts are at their best when eaten within a month. Try them in some easy Hazelnut Cookies or as a unique stuffing for devilled eggs.


Figs are beautiful to look at and equally lovely to eat. Choose fruits that are richly coloured and plump. They should smell sweet, not sour, and can be stored in the fridge for a day or two. We love this unusual Fig & Cheese Frittata.

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Wild mushroom season is at its peak from September to November. Search out Bay Boletes, Field Mushrooms and Porcini outdoors – but always take a good guide or guidebook. Markets and delis should have a selection of tasty, cultivated cups and buttons too. Look for firm, unblemished specimens and use them in a Rachel Green Rarebit, or her gorgeous Truffled Mushroom and Coddled Egg recipe.

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