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What foods are in season…December

Dec 1, 2022


We're not just enjoying eggnog this month, there's lots of other tasty seasonal foods and recipes on our festive wish list...

Red cabbage

Packed full of vitamins, this colourful cabbage brightens winter salads and stews – not to mention pickles. Go for densely packed specimens and store in a cool dark place. Cook with a little vinegar to preserve that lovely colour. We like to chop into a frittata.

fairburn eggs red cabbage


Frost brings the sweetness out of these creamy white roots – turning the starches to sugar – so they're always best harvested after October. Pull or buy when they're medium-sized, to avoid woodiness at the core. Peel and roast with honey, or bake and serve with pesto and eggs.


Nothing says Christmas like cranberry sauce with turkey! Fresh cranberries can be bought in the UK between November and December, but you can also buy them dried. Both are lovely in cakes and desserts such as this Cranberry Meringue Roulade.

fairburns cranberry roulade


This lean meat from farmed, wild or park deer is low-in fat but packed with flavour and protein. Venison is at its best between November and February. Cook quickly and serve pink to retain its rich flavours. Steak and egg are the perfect match, or how about a unique take on Scotch Eggs?

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