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What foods are in season…September

Aug 2, 2022


We're getting fruity this month with the first of the autumn ingredients...


From red to yellow, crunchy to juicy – UK orchards are full to bursting with exciting apple varieties right now, such as Worcester Permain and Egremont Russett. Buy firm and fragrant specimens from farmers' markets throughout autumn and store them in a cool place. Perfect picked from the tree – apples are also incredibly versatile in the kitchen. And they offer the ultimate comfort food when used in crumbles, cobblers and Tray Bakes.

fairburns apple tray bake


These bulbous fruits are available from September to January, with Conference, Comice and Concorde the most familiar varieties in the UK. But there's also more unusual British pears such as 'Red William' – with its bright speckled skin – so it's worth seeing out local specialties for different tastes and textures. Pick or buy when under-ripe and ripen at home in the fruit bowl. Slightly under-ripe pears will also keep their shape better too. They are lovely poached and stuffed or sliced into a Custard Pear Pie.


This underrated vegetable is essentially an overgrown courgette – but they store better and have a fleshy interior that can take on lots of lovely flavours such as lemon, fresh herbs and garlic. Remove the strings and seeds, and roast them, fry them, steam, bake or boil. They're also tasty stuffed or used as a sweet treat in a cake.

Faiburns beetroot and egg salad


Bright pink-purple beets are best picked young (around 6cm in diameter) when the little roots are earthy and sweet. And forget the pickle – young beets have a myriad of uses! They look like jewels in a salad or can be roasted, sautéed and grated into cakes and bakes.

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