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What foods are in season…July

Jul 6, 2022


Fruits and fragrant veg are on the menu for summer – as well as delicious Lincolnshire eggs...



You can buy these deep purple-blue berries almost all year round from somewhere in the world, but for the freshest and juiciest (and the lowest footprint), it's best to stick to homegrown. The British blueberry season runs from mid-July to August. Pick off the plant for an antioxidant rush, or bake in an overnight breakfast strata. We also love these clever Blueberry Almond Meringues.

cherry clafoutis


These bright red buttons can be sweet or sour and are available in the UK throughout June and July. There are hundreds of different varieties, with names like 'Summer Sun' and 'Sunburst', which sum up their place as a summer essential. Go for plump and shiny specimens, removing the stalks and stones before eating. We're fond of a classic Cherry Clafoutis but what about these Cherry Amaretto Sours for a summer cocktail party?

aubergine frittata


If there's one food that's a match made in heaven for egg, it's aubergine. With its deep purple skin and meaty flesh, it's perfect baked with eggs, sliced into an aubergine frittata, or spiced up with a 'charred egg' with chilli and tahini. Smaller ones will have more flavour and flesh, and salting before cooking can reduce any bitterness.


Florence fennel

Not to be confused with the feathery herb, Florence fennel is prized for its fat, bulbous base rather than its leaves. British fennel comes into season in July and small, tender bulbs can be eaten raw for their sweet aniseed flavour. Roasting brings out their richness. Scoop the soft, warm flesh from its crispy casing (removing the core) or chop up and use in a hash. Fennel is also lovely with beans and eggs in a stew or casserole.

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