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What foods are in season…June

May 25, 2022


Juicy summer ingredients are on the menu this month as we delve into our favourite seasonal recipes. And there are some matches made in heaven for our Lincolnshire eggs!



High in fibre and vitamin C but low in calories, strawberries are fantastically versatile. Pick-your-own for the best possible flavour – the sugars deteriorate the longer the fruits are off the plant – and go for those with vibrant red colouring. British-grown varieties have beautiful names to match: Capri Luscious, Ava Blush, Sweet Eve, and Magnum. Chill in the fridge for up to two days and bring to room temperature before you eat them. Blitz squidgy or bruised fruits into sauces or a coulis. (This is also a good way to freeze them). Or serve on top of a white chocolate mouse.

fairburns white mousse and strawberry


Courgettes often get a bad press for being watery and tasteless – but this is often because they are bought out of season. Buy now for firm, shiny fruits. Smaller ones will have the best flavour. Courgettes are incredibly easy to cook: try steaming, grilling, baking, frying, or eating thin slices raw in salads. You can also spiralize in place of pasta or add to baked eggs. We also love these cute courgette egg cups.

Fairburns courgette and egg


It’s easy to grow this aromatic herb on a windowsill or in pots outside over the summer – or root supermarket snippings in water for fresh supplies! Basil is a perfect partner to eggs and tomato in an omelette, but who doesn't love TikTok favourite pesto eggs on toast?

fairburns pesto eggs on toast

French beans

Crunchy and juicy all at the same time, green or French beans are fabulous dropped into a curry or stew. Buy bright-green British beans between June and September and boil for no more than five minutes. They're also rather nice roasted or chargrilled in a stir fry or served alongside this season's salad potatoes with a beautiful soft egg – as long as it's from Lincolnshire of course! 

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