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What foods are in season...May

May 3, 2022

We're full of beans this month - with flowers, foliage and the first peas coming into season. Here's some of our favourite way to use them with eggs...

Broad beans

Gorgeous green broad beans are available from now until September and are very sweet when small. As they get older you can remove the tougher jackets by podding and steaming for five minutes. Refresh under cold water and pop the skins off. They're lovely added to a shakshuka in place of other veg like this one from Rachel Green. We also love this broad bean smash on toast for breakfast or brunch. 

egg and broad beans


It's hard to believe we eat around 9K peas every year in the UK, with 35K hectares grown on home turf by our brilliant farmers. The key to keeping their sweet flavour is to cook quickly. They can be boiled for three minutes – or just chucked into casseroles and curries. Use less water when cooking and you'll also preserve the vitamin C. Try a pea souper soup topped with a poached egg, or this feisty pea and black bean huevos rancheros with avocado and lime. Peas are super versatile! 

pea soup and egg


The strong, peppery flavour of this salad vegetable is the perfect foil for a Lincolnshire egg! Called arugula in Italy, rocket can be added to soups and sandwiches and as a replacement for basil in pesto. It's packed with vitamin A and C. Try it in this salad with dill and eggs.


Honeycomb morel mushrooms with their strange conical caps might look like they're from outer space, but they're actually indigenous to the UK. You can forage for them fresh in woodlands and hedgerows but as you need to know your mushrooms when picking in the wild, it's easiest to buy them dried. Never eat them when they are raw as they are poisonous when uncooked. In this delicious Delia Smith eggs-en-cocotte recipe she uses dried morels, which you can get from specialist food stores. But you could also replace them with porcini.

Elderflower fritters


The flat-topped fizz of fragrant elderflowers appears from late May and are best picked when the buds have just opened. Pairing eggs with these creamy-white flowers might seem like a strange combination, but they make fabulous fritters. They're also lovely in champagnes and cordials – but we like them best in a custard.

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