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What foods are in season...April

Mar 30, 2022

Asparagus spears, spuds and edible flowers are on the colourful menu this month…


This pungent green adds a peppery tang to egg dishes such as omelette or quiche. As part of the mustard family, it’s a fantastic foil for the buttery, creamy texture and flavour of cooked eggs. Use quickly as it doesn’t store well. We love this posh puree, served with an egg salad and trout.

Fairburns waterrcress and egg

New potatoes

Waxy in texture with wafer thin skins, new potatoes have a short season but stand-out flavour and texture. They’re the perfect salad potato, due to the way they keep their shape when boiled, but you can also pep them up in this one-pot spicy egg recipe.


These peppery veg are often overlooked, but they're easy to grow (even with kids) and go beautifully with eggs. Use them in a radish butter to slather on boiled egg soldiers, in egg salads, or as colourful accompaniment to poached egg. Thinly sliced, pink French Breakfast radishes look particularly pretty.


Nothing heralds April like asparagus! Choose spears with tightly closed buds and a firm texture. Trim off any tough ends and boil in salted water for 2-4 minutes. They’re lovely dipped into a hollandaise, or a boiled egg, but we also love them in a Rachel Green tray bake with Fairburn’s eggs!

Edible flowers

Violas and pansies make a beautiful edible decoration. Pick from the garden (ensuring they haven’t been sprayed with pesticides) or buy online, and wash gently. Lay your flowers face up on baking paper and, in a bowl, mix 1tbsp egg white with 1tbsp icing sugar. Gently apply the mixture to your flower face with a paintbrush, and using tweezers, dip them into caster sugar. Leave to dry overnight on the paper. You can add them to butter cream icing on cupcakes and to biscuits.

fairburns crystallised flowers


Spinach is the perfect partner to eggs and cheese thanks to its slightly bitter flavour – and is packed full of vitamins and minerals. We love Rachel Green’s Sourdough Strata, but you could also chuck a handful into scrambled, baked or coddled eggs for a healthy and super speedy breakfast.

salmon strata

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