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What foods are in season…March

Mar 1, 2022

Spring has sprung – and so have lots of fabulous foods. We’re sharing our pick of luscious, seasonal ingredients and recipe ideas…

Spring onions

As the name suggests, these immature onions are best enjoyed now – raw or cooked. Use the bottoms to add a gentle spice to stir fries. And don’t waste the green tops. They can be snipped into salads like chives or stirred into a hash. Scramble eggs with chopped spring onion and a pinch of chilli, and you’ve got a delicious doddle of a lunch or brunch. We love this easy Spring Onion Egg Curry.

Corn beef hash

Fresh herbs

Herb plants such as rosemary, parsley and sage will be sending up fragrant new leaves this month. Curly or flat-leaf parsley is incredibly versatile in soups, sauces and oils. It’s also excellent at absorbing odours and can be crushed between your hands or teeth to rid you of nasty niffs! We’ll be giving this Egg & Parsley Salad with Watercress Dressing a go. 

Parsley and egg salad


This fantastic all-rounder has been used in the kitchen for some 2,000 years – and today it’s possible to grow and buy green and purple varieties, as well as the fluorescent florets of Romanesque, which tastes like broccoli. Use in stir-fries, roasted in salads or baked with cheese. Vitamin-packed and fat free, it can also be mashed as an alternative to potato – which is fabulous as a side with Coddled Eggs.

Fairburns eggs Cauli salad


Don’t judge a veg by its knobbly cover. Peel away the rough exterior of this root vegetable to reveal crispy, creamy flesh with a nutty flavour, which brings a richness to stews and soups. Boil as you would potatoes and mash, with a side of fried eggs – or lightly blanch and grate to form röstis

Chicory and egg


Last chance to get your hands on this torpedo-shaped salad leaf. Also known as witloof (white leaf) or Belgian endive, it brings a bitter tang to salads. In fact, in the US it was once ground in place of coffee beans. We love this recipe of Deep-Fried Eggs with Chicory & Bacon from our friends at British Lion Eggs.

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