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What foods are in season…February

Jan 26, 2022


There’s lots to love about February food. We dip into some lovely British produce in season this month – and share our favourite egg recipes…


Winter greens

Thank goodness for gorgeous greens when the weather is dull and cold. This is the season for plump Brussels sprouts, savoy cabbage and purple sprouting broccoli – which all go beautifully with eggs. If you’re craving comfort food, simply crack an egg into your sautéed greens or whisk into an omelette. We love these baked eggs with kale and spicy chorizo.

eggs and kale


We’re tickled pink by forced rhubarb in February. The stalks are left to grow under an up-turned bin on the veg patch or, on a larger scale, in forcing sheds. Over the month, they turn from green to mauve and then shocking pink. Use the sweet sticks in warming winter puddings or to decorate cakes. Who can resist this easy but beautiful bake?

Rhubarb cake


Turnips and parsnips bring much needed vitamins to the winter menu. And many root vegetables taste sweeter after a frost. Parsnips are beautiful roasted alongside a toad-in-the-hole. Turnips are best diced before cooking. Remember you can also use the green turnip tops. Why not make a hash of it, with this rooty brunch



With their bright white stems and thick green leaves, leeks look perky even in the depths of winter. They’re lovely in a thick soup, but even better with eggs in an omelette. We love this leek frittata recipe, which throws prawns into the delicious mix.

leek frittata

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