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Behind the scenes of our recipe photoshoot

Oct 30, 2021

We’ve worked with chef Rachel Green on our delicious egg recipes for more than six years. Here’s a glimpse at our new recipe range and what goes into a photoshoot… 

One of the most exciting times of year at Fairburn’s HQ is when we collaborate with chef Rachel Green on egg recipes for our website. We’ve now got 60-plus!

As eggs are such versatile ingredients, it can be hard to hone the list down to five or six recipes. But Rachel has an amazing eye (and tastebuds) for what really wows. We also look at recent food trends and social media to see what people are eating – and most importantly, enjoying.

Fairburns recipe shoot tarts

Lovely local ingredients

This autumn, we joined Rachel and photographer Mike Powell at her studio kitchen to rustle up some new egg combos. And she didn’t disappoint.

Coming from 14 generations of Lincolnshire farmers, Rachel’s message is that food doesn’t have to be complicated to be great. All you need are the best, locally-sourced ingredients you can afford and to treat them with respect.

Rachel picked up her first kitchen utensils when she was little more than a toddler. And because she’s creative and passionate about what she does, the photoshoots are always so much fun.

Among our new recipes being snapped was an egg strumpet in a brioche bun, baked Portuguese tarts and a Baked Alaska.

Fairburns recipe shoot baked alaska

Styling and sampling

During the photoshoot Rachel and her team will prepare the recipes, and our Fairburn’s team will help get the backdrop ready.

Everything is expertly styled by Rachel, and she ensures we have the right combination of colours and textures to let the food do the talking.

Photographer Mike Powell has a great relationship with Rachel. He’s been taking photographs professionally for 30 years. His work has appeared in every Fleet Street title, including ten years at The Times.

 Fairburns recipe shoot buns

“The best bit is at the end of each shot when we get to sample the food. It’s a great perk!” says Lynette Ashmore, national brand and accounts manager. “From our new range of recipes, my favourite has to be the Baked Alaska – it tastes incredible! But the coddled eggs in mason jars are also eye-catching and delicious – I had one for my lunch the next day!”

Look out for Rachel’s fabulous recipes on our social feeds over the coming weeks @fairburnseggs on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook!