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5 Eggscellent Baking Techniques

Oct 19, 2020


Love baking? We’ve pulled together our favourite tips for using eggs in cakes, bakes and batters…


1. Get a better batter

A whisked egg can help batters become thick and voluminous. Try to go for the same proportion of whites and yolks for a softer texture.

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2. Add eggs for structure

Eggs are the building blocks of bakes and help bind the mixture, thanks to their protein content. As a cake mixture heats up the eggs gel together with the flour to form that lovely bouncy texture. But be warned: too much egg, by contrast, can cause a bake to turn into a brick!

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3. Inject flavour and moisture

Adding yolks to a bake is a great way to enhance flavours, because the fat in the yolk can absorb other flavours. They also contribute to that lovely gooey, moist texture because they trap and hold air. If you only use yolks in your baking, you get a richer colour and taste thanks to the emulsifiers. So, if your cake is dry, try swapping the egg whites for extra yolks.

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 4. Try your whites

Adding just egg whites to your batter can be great for colourful cakes, where you’re using food colourings and want the colour to stay true. While they have a drying effect on batters, this is good if you are making a bright white and fluffy Angel Food Cake. They’re also brilliant for a foam for a souffle or a meringue. The key is not to overwhip. Overdoing the mixing can turn your foam from airy to grainy.

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5. Wash and brush up

An egg wash can add shine and colour to baked goods and help seal crimped edges on pies. Use an egg white and water mix to seal pastry, or try a whole egg or just a yolk with cream for a golden, glossy finish.