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Seven Savvy Picnic Tips

Jun 17, 2020

With International Picnic Day around the corner, we’ve put together our favourite picnic tips for no fuss outdoor eats every time
Go portable - Picnic food is all about food that can be packed up and taken out in bags or baskets – especially if you’re walking to your chosen spot. Our Black Pudding Scotch Eggs are easy to make and provide a whole meal in one convenient package – with only the crumbs left behind!
 Black pudding scotch eggs
Carry outs - Think outside the tupperware box when it comes to carrying picnic food and accessories. A cardboard drinks carrier makes a handy cutlery holder, and muffin tins are a speedy way to serve up condiments. We love to use egg boxes for transporting items that bruise or damage easily such as plums – or, of course, hard boiled eggs.
Share - A Frittata is easy to carry and keeps fresher for longer than sandwiches. Slice at home into shareable portions, or take whole and dig in while you’re out. We like to whip up some of Chef Rachel Green’s Cheddar Beignets too – they’re perfect for sharing.
 Cheddar beignets
Creature comforts - Bring your own cushion, rather than one large blanket, so everyone has a choice about where they sit (it’s a great way to ensure social distancing too). If you’re planning on using a picnic table, take a fitted sheet rather than a tablecloth so there’s no chance things will be blown away in a gust.
Spice up your salad - Plastic boxes can super-heat salads and, if you add a dressing, you can end up with an inedible mush. Instead, layer salads such as our British Blue Egg Caesar Salad into a mason jar. Keep the croutons and eggs in a separate box and mix it up when you get to your destination.
  Caesar salad
Dress up - Pop dipping sauces and salad dressings into jars. There’s no need for mixing, as they’ll swirl around as you walk! Use empty Tic Tac boxes as handy spice and herb containers.
Keep your cool - Chill out with a cocktail (as long as you’re walking to and from home), such as our Fruity Fairburn or Pink Lady. Shake up your ingredients at home, then pour into bottles with lids. Throw some cupcake cases into your bag and use these as lids for your drinks to keep the flies off. Turn them upside down and stick a straw through the middle. Take two coolers – one for things you want to access regularly, such as drinks, and another for perishables.
 fruity fairburn