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It’s no yolk! Four yummy ways to use up your yolks and whites

May 3, 2020

If a recipe asks you to separate your eggs don't bin the other half. As well as freezing them, you can also use yolks and whites in a recipe. As part of our #makethemostofeggs series, we’ve come up with four tasty recipe ideas…
Best ever benedict
This is the ultimate silky sauce for brunch, whether it’s slathered onto poached eggs, eggs Benedict or British asparagus. Egg yolks help to create an emulsion alongside melted butter and lemon juice. Although it is considered tricky to make, you’ll have no problem with our foolproof Fairburn’s recipe, which recommendswhisking the ingredients continually over a Bain-marie while gently heating so the mixture doesn’t split. Check out our Best Ever Eggs Benedict – for the perfect alfresco spring breakfast.
Mini Pavlovas
Nothing beats this family favourite and meringues are an easy way to use up egg whites. Whisking the eggs causes the protein to unfold and traps air bubbles, which gives that stiff but light texture. Try our lovely mini pavlovas with cinnamon and cream.
Crème Brulee
creme brulee
To achieve that perfect ‘tremble’ on a brulee you need yolks rather than whole eggs. Whites help to set things, but yolks give a creamy texture without the firmness. The more egg yolks you use, the creamier the flavour. In her fabulous Raspberry Crème Brulee recipe, chef Rachel Green recommends beating the yolks and caster sugar in a separate bowl until pale and fluffy, and when the cream begins to boil, pour the cream on to the yolk and sugar mix, stirring constantly.
Pink Lady Cocktail
Did you know that egg whites can be shaken (and stirred) into cocktail mixes? They add a rich, buttery flavour and a foamy top. Try out our Pink Lady Cocktail this weekend.
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