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Fairburn Father's Day 2019 - Stuart Fairburn

Jun 16, 2019

(Top L-R: Milling Director, Sarah Hall, CEO, Daniel Fairburn, Business Director, Caroline Fairburn-Wright. Bottom L-R: Senior Director and Owner, Stuart Fairburn, and Founder, Jim Fairburn).


This Father’s Day, we decided to pay tribute to the fathers who have shaped Fairburn’s Eggs, starting with Stuart Fairburn – the lovable father of Daniel, Caroline, and Sarah, our CEO, Business, and Milling Directors respectively. Stuart tells us all about the influences that made him into the businessman, farmer, and most importantly, father he is today.


Fairburn’s Eggs’ founder, Jim Fairburn, began our family business in 1951, with just 150 chickens costing £150. His only son, Stuart, was taught about chickens and farming from an early age.

“Farming runs in my blood”, Stuart says proudly. “I left school at fifteen, then began running chicken sheds at Farlesthorpe straight after. I began helping my dad on the farms at ten years old, and from day one he showed me the resilience needed to be a good farmer and build a business from the ground up”.

Stuart lists his father as his biggest influence, with Jim teaching him all the necessities to not only care for the hens, but to be a Managing Director respected by your team. He describes his dad, Jim, as possessing a strong character, being a very good stockman, and a hard-worker.

“Dad taught me the three things key to looking after chickens: sanitation, ventilation, and insulation. If he hadn’t taught me that, I certainly wouldn’t be the egg farmer I am today. Dad’s motto was ‘Feed the chickens before you feed yourself!’ He genuinely cared for our hens; he’d regularly tell me ‘If it’s alright for you, it’s alright for them’. This was instilled in me, and I taught my own three children this too. These mottos remain the heart of our business even today and his influence is still paramount”.

Stuart grew the business considerably during his time as Managing Director. Although Stuart’s son, Daniel, has now taken over as CEO, Stuart is still involved with the buying of animal feed and the Fairburn sheep. Just like his father, Stuart is dedicated and hardworking, with an infectious personality you can’t help but love. He is always there for help and guidance, but the current dynamic Fairburn’s team consisting of Daniel, Sarah, Caroline, and Brand and Sales Director, Sarah Louise, are adapting the foundations laid by Stuart to take the egg industry by storm.

“I am proud of the entire Fairburn family: my wife Judy who hand-reared our first flock of British Blue® hens, my three children, and every one of my beloved grandchildren. I just want all of them to have a fair chance in life and I will help in any way that I can,” he adds.