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Cracking ideas to reduce egg waste

May 3, 2019

The UK wastes a shocking 720 million eggs each year – with 29 per cent of the British public stating they throw away eggs because they’re past their best before date. According to the recent Too Good to Go report, only 23 per cent of Britons are aware of how to test an egg for freshness. However, eggs can remain fresh long after the best before date shown on the packaging. Here at Fairburn’s, we’ve decided to make an egg guide, to help you understand when an egg is still ok to eat, and the many ways to preserve them.

The freshness test

All you need is a bowl of cold water. Place the egg in the water: if it sinks to the bottom, it is still fresh – despite what its best before date might show – and if the egg floats, it is no longer fresh. Always add the shell and the box to the compost bin.

Using up leftover eggs

If you’re worried about your egg wastage, here are some easy ways to reuse and preserve:

1.             Pickling Eggs

Hard-boil your eggs until cooked, then peel off the shell and place them in a sterilised jar containing a vinegar and salt solution, along with some herbs and spices of your choice. This quick and easy solution may preserve your eggs for up to four months.

2.             Freezing Eggs

Yes, believe it or not, it is possible freeze eggs! However, always make sure you only freeze fresh eggs. Break the eggs out of their shells into a container before freezing. It is best to freeze the yolks and the egg whites separately as frozen yolks can become gelatinous. When freezing yolks, add half a teaspoon of salt or sugar (depending on what you're going to use them for later) to stop them going sticky. Use frozen eggs within 3 months and make sure they are fully thawed before using for frying, scrambling and poaching.

3.             Using egg shells

Egg shells are incredibly versatile and can be used in numerous ways, such as an ingredient in a face mask and as a plant fertiliser. If ground down into a fine powder, they can even be added to food for some extra calcium!

4.             Store in the fridge and place point down

This easy method of storage can increase the lifespan of your egg considerably. When eggs are kept point down, the tiny air bubble in the egg has less chance of rupturing, meaning your egg will stay fresher for longer.

5.             Use as pet food

Eggs can be a fantastic source of protein for your pets. Just boil your soon-to-be out of date eggs and mix in with your pet’s food.

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