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Sarah Louise joins inspirational speakers at IWD event

Mar 31, 2019

An event marking International Women’s Day saw Sarah Louise Fairburn take to the stage with a group of inspiring Lincolnshire women.

Invited to be one of the keynote speakers at the Lincolnshire Showground lunch, Sarah Louise spoke about bravery in women, her life journey, family and career.

fe248a7a-5389-4dc4-8733-c4722908042dFellow speakers included Alison Ballard, general manager for BAE Systems at RAF Coningsby; Syreeta Challinger, founder of Moments of Sense & Style; Kelly Hewson Fisher of Anglian Water and Paula Short, co-founder of Beauty Boulevard. Local celebrity chef Rachel Green hosted the proceedings which celebrated women working in agriculture or who have achieved something fantastic from their Lincolnshire roots.

“It was a very emotional event as there were so many inspiring stories being told of women overcoming incredible set-backs in their lives and achieving such amazing goals. I felt honoured to be amongst them,” said Sarah Louise. “I’m lucky to have such a wonderfully supportive family, husband and team which really helps. And we’re so proud that 48% of our workforce at Fairburn’s, and 60 % of our managers, are women.“