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And now it’s two for Farm Africa fundraising!

Sep 17, 2018

Daniel Fairburn is to be joined on his Saharan desert marathon challenge by Fairburn’s production manager, Egle Kalinauskaite.

Egle will be helping Daniel raise £45,000 for the charity Farm Africa by taking part in the Saharan Challenge event with him - completing two heart-pumping marathons in just two days across the Saharan desert. The Lincolnshire pair have been training hard for the tough adventure of a lifetime which will take them over sun-baked sand dunes and rugged Moroccan mountain ranges next month.

Daniel’s training regime has seen him running after work nearly every day. “I go with my wife Sarah Louise around the local area, doing at least 10k up and down hills. I enjoy doing it with Sarah Louise because she acts as a motivator, but I beat her the other day and she was just a little mad with me! It’s much more interesting running on the road rather than a treadmill because there are the sights and sounds of Lincolnshire to enjoy,” he said.

Juggling a busy job as a farming company CEO, dad to four and preparing for a marathon challenge is not easy. “To be honest, some days training really is hard work. If I’ve had a very busy day working, I feel like I have no energy to run, but once you get into your stride, it makes it all worthwhile. The feeling at the end of a run is great too! It gives a great sense of wellbeing.”

So, what is he most, and least looking forward to? “I’m looking forward to completing the race and then being able to hold the banner up knowing I’ve raised so much money for the farmers from Farm Africa! I’m just hoping the heat isn’t too much of an issue, as running is hard but when you add 40 degree heat it becomes even harder!”

Farm Africa helps combat poverty by working with smallholder farmers in east Africa to increase harvests, become self-sufficient and start businesses.  To support Daniel simply click on the Just Giving link here to make a donation - every penny he receives will go directly to Farm Africa. A big Fairburn’s thank you to his supporters.