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Judging EY Entrepreneur of The Year Award 2018

Mar 8, 2018

Fairburn’s innovation, integrity, vision, and solid future planning paved the way for Daniel and Sarah Louise Fairburn to claim the Ernst and Young Northern Entrepreneur of the Year Award for Scale-Up business in June 2017. Today Sarah Louise has been invited to join the EY Entrepreneur of the Year team as a judge.

Now in its 32nd year globally and 20th year in the UK, Entrepreneur of The Year is more than a business award. It’s a global programme that helps and supports entrepreneurs build successful and sustainable businesses in more than 150 cities in over 60 countries. In the UK, the awards operate across four regions –  London & South, Midlands, North and Scotland – culminating in a national award event in October to announce the UK Entrepreneur of The Year winner. The winner will then go on to compete for the prestigious title of World Entrepreneur of The Year in 2019!

Energetic and ambitious, Sarah Louise Fairburn’s no stranger to the challenges in business! Her tenacious nature helped lead the way when L J Fairburn & Son Limited was faced with a ‘sink or swim’ scenario.  A new strong and versatile business model, ensuring sustainability, was developed by Sarah Louise, husband Daniel Fairburn and sisters Caroline and Sarah, allowing generations of the Fairburn family to carry on in farming, as the egg production business now continues to flourish.


Sarah Louise Fairburn said: “I feel honoured and proud to have been asked to be a judge at this year’s 20th EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2018 UK. Being part of last year’s process I personally gained so much from it. The award is about celebrating, supporting and connecting entrepreneurs. Through tenacity and hard work, we have scaled up our business dramatically – the EY recognition of our success and progression, meant so much to us last year and was a true reminder of how far we have come. I look forward to building new relationships with entrepreneurs in our region as they join the EY programme which is  rewarding and beneficial in so many different ways.”