LJ fairburn Poultry

Why choose LJ Fairburn and Son?

You’ll benefit from 70 years of egg production experience, when you join L J Fairburn as one of our producers. We offer long-term contracts and the opportunity to grow and expand your family business.

We can supply you with everything you need to get going. We have eight rearing sites in Lincolnshire providing pullets to our own farm and our producers’ farms. We also offer a range of feed, made from our own farm-grown crops, that are optimised for various stages of the laying cycle.

You can benefit from our expertise. We’ve been there and done it! We can help with financial modelling and applying for bank loans.

We can offer a choice of breeds. We work closely with the breed companies and their technical advisors to provide support to our producers.

We’re always on the end of the phone. We treat our producer farms as if they were our own. We can provide technical backup and support with production, welfare, egg quality and assurance scheme compliance.

To find out more please contact our Business Development Manager - ryan@fairburnseggs.co.uk