LJ fairburn Poultry

The Fairburn Story

Passionate about our hens and the eggs they kindly produce, we are a young, progressive family business. Taking a very hands-on approach, we are the third generation of Fairburns to produce eggs. As a business, we have the drive to care and the technology to deliver. We are in control of everything we put in and every egg we send out, ensuring the finest quality and the freshest egg.




With 90 units across 23 farms, L J Fairburn & Son Limited may have grown into an enterprise which can now boast at being one of the largest egg producers and packers in the UK. However, one thing that hasn’t changed is the commitment to family values, business integrity, and loyalty on which the business was originally built.

L J Fairburn & Son Limited is now owned by Stuart and Judy Fairburn and is run by their son, Managing Director, Daniel Fairburn. Daniel is supported by his sisters Caroline Fairburn-Wright, Business Director and Sarah Hall, Operations Director. All passionate about the business, family values and sustainability are at the core of everything we do.

The business now has 5m laying and rearing hens – 4m are owned by Fairburn’s and 1m are contract producer owned. Rearing in excess of two million pullets every year for their own use and re-sale, the Fairburn family also mill over 80,000 tonnes of feed each year, including grain grown on their 2,000 acre arable farm.

The family even have their own expanding fleet of 22 lorries to distribute feed, collect eggs, and deliver finished products to retail partners. Production, milling and packing facilities are all within a 25 mile radius which facilitates its integration through carefully managed processes.

In control of every process from day old chick to the family fridge, a short and finely tuned supply chain delivers the freshest eggs of the finest quality. The family commitment has always been to re-invest in the business to ensure it continues successfully for future generations.

Fairburn's are proud to be producing Organic, Free Range, Barn, and Colony eggs for leading UK supermarkets. With all Directors having young families, sustainability of L J Fairburn & Son Limited, as well as the British egg industry, is the number one focus for the Fairburn family.