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As a well established farming family in Alford, Lincolnshire, Fairburn’s have very close links to the community. Being involved with people in the locality is second nature and something which Leslie James Fairburn, Stuart and now Daniel Fairburn will continue to do. With an 'open house' policy, hosting farm visits, welcoming farming groups, leading industry and retail partners, as well as school parties is something the family enjoy.

There is great pleasure for Fairburn’s in putting something back into the county and they are keen to be involved with ventures big and small. Proud to be involved with local schools, L J Fairburn & Son Limited make donations to Willoughby and Huttoft primary schools and provide sponsorship for an achievement award at John Spendluffe Foundation Technology College.

Land next to the milling site at Huttoft, Alford has been donated to the local council where a play area and football pitch has been installed for youngsters. The shirts for three junior football teams, Alford Town, Lincoln City under-9s and Manor FC Chad League under-10s in Nottingham are sponsored, as well as the stage at the local annual music festival and the Belchford Downhill Challenge, a legendary soapbox race in the area. Fairburn’s also support the local manor house fruit gardens and help with the maintenance of local churches.

On a larger scale, the regional brand, Fairburn’s Lincolnshire Free Range is generating significant funds for the Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance. One penny per dozen eggs sold in both ASDA and the Co-operative goes directly to this very deserving charity. The development of other Fairburn’s branded products will see more charities benefit in the future.

Further afield, L J Fairburn & Son Limited started working with Farm Africa in 2013. The family have supported this charity in several ways, including our Managing Director, Daniel Fairburn who climbed Kilimanjaro and participated in three marathons across the Sahara Desert in 2018. Going forward, Fairburn's are striving to continue this support.



Kilimanjaro summit CRACKED and the £35,000 target SMASHED for Farm Africa, a charity working to end hunger in eastern Africa by helping smallholder farmers there to grow more food for their families.

After a gruelling seven day trek to the top of Africa’s highest mountain, Fairburn’s nine-strong team cracked the Kilimanjaro summit in September 2014. The team scaled Kilimanjaro to raise money for Food for Good, a major fundraising campaign set up by the UK food industry to support Farm Africa.

Before embarking on the Kilimanjaro Climb, the ambitious target to raise £35,000 for the charity seemed a challenge in itself but Fairburn’s smashed that to pieces, bringing in a fabulous £48,000.



L J Fairburn & Son Limited, began with just 150 chickens bought for £150. Starting small and growing sustainably is what the business is about and whilst it may be on a different scale to the UK, that growth and prosperity can be achieved in eastern Africa.

Farm Africa’s approach to ending hunger is to tackle the root causes. Helping smallholder farmers produce bigger harvests is a sustainable long term solution. Farmers learn to produce more food so there’s enough to eat for their families and communities – for good.

This challenge was not just about financial investment but providing the skills to farmers so that they can grow and develop. As food producers, Fairburn’s have more to offer than simply financial support and look forward to getting involved in projects in the local communities of Africa.

The farmers trained by Farm Africa go on to train other farmers in their area through 'Farmer Field Schools'. Providing practical tools, improved seed varieties and training it is possible to help African Farmers feed Africa’s people!


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